It’s V I N Y L  G R O V E and not ‘Final Groove’!!!


VINYL GROVE is a fully independent Vinyl Records Store and not affiliated to any chainstore, distributor, onestop, record company or whatsoever.

Therefor we can keep our mark-ups low, yet, on the other hand, do not get the discounts  others get. But we like it this way!!

Vinyl Grove opened its door (we only have 1 door) officially on May 1st, 2010 in a 35 square meters shop in Den Haag (The Hague) city center, aprox. 2 minutes walk for the major square ‘Grote Markt’ aka ‘Pop Hot Spot’ and from The Hague’s premier music venue ‘Paard van Troje’.

Vinyl Grove is a vision of someone who worked in music distribution & wholesale for 18 years (as warehouse manager, sales rep and import-buyer/label manager-last 12 years). Before that Ramesh Soekhoe was very active within the The Hague music scene as copywriter, organiser (one of the initiators of “Haagse Popweek” & “Plein Open”), booker and sound engineer for local bands (1986 – 1994).

We are NOT audiophiles but we do believe in quality sound and when refurbishing the store ‘acoustics’ and ‘home vibe’ were the major assets.  The very first question we asked ourselves was ‘how do we want to be treated in a (record) shop’ and we exaggerated the outcome a bit. We want you to feel ‘at home’. There is a bench (we were forced to remove the leather couch, since we needed more space) and 2 stools and 2 listening docks hooked to quality pre-amps & headphones. 3 upgraded Thorens decks are used in the store w/Ortofon MM series cartridges. There is a choice of Philips, AKG, Sennheiser and Sony headphones. We are always willing to give you some free Hi-Fi advise, coffee or tea. On friday & saturday (after 5pm) we may even offer you a beer!

The music we play over our system are INDIE labels, not affiliated to the Dutch copyright organisation (we do not want to pay fees for music these artists will never receive) and mainly labels we have ‘neighbour rights waivers’ from the label. There is no need for playing music at the store from major artists you already hear on the radio ao.

Our store soundsystem: Rotel & Quad (pre-) amplifiers and Dynaudio speakers and, hell, there is even a cd  player (from Arcam).

The VINYL GROVE name: Well, it was very hard to find a name, since most were too obvious and/or already taken. Then one day, totally desperate, we ran the street’s name (boekhorst, named after the Van Bouckhorst family) through a translator and the outcome,  ‘grove’ was just PERFECT since the store has a Wild West vibe.(boekhorst (dutch: kreupelhout) = little bush, usually grows under a big tree and Grove of course, also, means village ao.).

Well, that’s all Folks. We hope to welcome you at the Vinyl Grove soon (or in our webshop).

(pictures of the store will soon appear on the left slidebar on the ‘about’ page soon, you can see some on our Facebook page)

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