Next to ourĀ large record collection you can also get all your accessories at the Grove:


* polylined quality innersleeves

* mofi antistatic innersleeves

* pvc outersleeves 2 sizes (1/2 LP’s, 3/4 lp’s)

* 4 types of record brushes (7 to 25 euro’s)

* stylus cleaner

* Audio Technica AT95e, Ortofon MM Red, Nagaoka MP110, Goldring GL2400 inĀ  stock

* CAMBRIDGE phono pre-amps (551P & 651P)

* Needles & cartridges supplied within 2 days

(Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica, Goldring, Nagaoka Carts)

* Turntable allignment (Baerwald, Lofgren, Stevenson method)

* Record cleaning service incl. innersleeve of choice

* LP flattening (email for details)

* VINYL FLAT Record Flattener

* Used Turntables for all budgets (these are prepared for your needs)

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Record Brush

Ortofon Cartridges

Okki Nokki Record Cleaners

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